MCC CLC Buildings 100 & 200


Mira Costa Community College District


Align Builders, Inc.


40,000 Square Feet




Oceanside, CA


Tenant Improvement




August 2022

CLC underwent a comprehensive modernization process that encompassed a multitude of enhancements to bring it up to contemporary standards. The improvements touched upon various aspects, including introducing new finishes and signage, making significant strides in electrical and technological advancements, and overhauling the HVAC system for optimized climate control. In addition, the project addressed critical safety and functionality concerns, including modifications to fire alarm systems, the introduction of fire sprinkler adjustments, security system upgrades, and essential restroom renovations.

Renovation of Building 100: Building 100 of CLC experienced a targeted renovation strategy, which saw the transformation of its internal and external infrastructure. Key changes included the installation of new partitions and modifications to the exterior canopy. The interiors were graced with fresh finishes, updated signage, and considerable electrical and technological overhauls. HVAC modifications ensured the provision of a comfortable environment, while security upgrades fortified the building’s safety standards. Furthermore, restroom facilities received vital upgrades to ensure user convenience and hygiene.

On the electrical front, CLC’s transformation was nothing short of significant. Over 500 lighting fixtures were strategically installed throughout the premises, with a special focus on integrating specialized lights that catered to specific requirements. Alongside this, the project saw the meticulous setup of interior electrical distribution, ensuring seamless power supply and connectivity across the facility. The upgrades not only augmented the aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the operational efficiency and safety standards of the entire complex.

Project Progress