Not every project we handle centers around unique challenges. We've found that large commercial projects require similar focus and planning discipline. The schedules are incredibly tight, the sheer quantity of work is enormous, and the coordination is complex. We bring a team of intelligent and fast electricians and leaders to the field in order to keep projects on pace and on budget. 

Commercial Spaces

Niche breweries, big box stores, and traditional commercial TI's all come with challenges all their own. Often having pressing deadlines, these projects require a speed and efficiency for problem solving and quality work that Cacy is uniquely qualified for. 

Below is a small sampling of what we've done. 

  • San Diego Airport's Rental Car Center

    The Rent-A-Car Parking structure at San Diego Airport was a truly unique opportunity for Team Cacy, as we ran 3 projects on 3 separate rental facilities in the structure during the same tight time period. Budget, Fox, & AVIS rental car facilities all had the Cacy Electric touch throughout their electrical systems, with AVIS requiring special attention due to its high-end design in the customer space. While helping complete 3 rental facilities in this shell of a parking structure in just one year certainly kept the crews busy, the excellence required and executed throughout these projects made them truly fulfilling jobs on which to work. 

  • First Citizens Bank- La Jolla

    Although we enjoy the challenge of ground-up projects, there is something special about Tenant Improvement projects that allow us to see tangible “before” and “after” views of our projects. This was certainly the case in First Citizens Bank in La Jolla, wherein we ran new electrical to the entire office space during a relatively quick window while the establishment shut down for renovations. This particular branch was part of a shared office building, so we took care to cause the least disturbances possible.

  • Frontera Business Park  

    Frontera Park was another simple, enjoyable project wherein we helped implement Tenant Improvements. In this instance, we not only ran new electrical through the office space, but extended our services to install impressive hanging lights in the shipping & receiving warehouse associated with the business.