More than laying conduit, deep underground utilities require a sophisticated knowledge of trench safety protocols, traffic control, detection, and skilled excavation. Our experienced underground team has years of tested performance in the most difficult and challenging of conditions. 

We Like Dirt

We've done a lot of work in the dirt. Our underground team, operators and all, are masters of layout, safety, and coordination. With years of experience in the worst of conditions we can provide your team a capable and competent field of experts. 

  • The Small Arms Facility at Camp Pendleton

    Connecting a remote small arms facility to telecom and electrical utilities required skilled operators, thorough safety protocols and long-term traffic control. Additionally, the job demanded a team of efficient electricians to install miles of conduit and manholes. 

  • Moonlight Beach

    This facility was built in the sand but our skilled team handled it. Feeding the new facility from the existing utility and providing extensive underground work.

  • 29 Palms Medical Clinic

    This job involved an extensive underground network of conduit for the medical facility and site-work performed in the midst of an existing and dated system. 

  • EUSD Central School

    EUSD Central School is a project we are in the midst of completing. The school was in desperate need of an upgrade to the electrical backbone along with new service to two more recent buildings. 

  • Pacific Highland Park

    We installed thousands of feet of conduit for the Musco lights and a brand new community center in this exciting new project in San Diego North County. Check out some of the aerial footage.