Lightning strikes cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year. As the industry evolves, lightning protection is being incorporated more frequently into designs. The federal government UFC standards, among others, now require certified installers. We have the experience and certifications necessary to handle these sensitive installations.

Grounded In Reality

Lightning, while rare, has the potential to cripple a facility. The US Military, among others, recognizes the risk and has begun to incorporate lightning protection into their construction projects. These installations require trained and certified techs who can properly install the specified material to a rigorous inspection standard. High security facilities offer additional challenges - a space we are very skilled at navigating. 

  • 29 Palms Medical Clinic

    This was a massive new medical facility out in the desert. The lightning protection required careful coordination during the underground phase and some finer touches on the roof because of the fierce wind and sand storms that roll through. 

  • MCB Combat Training Facility

    Big metal structure over a giant pool, what could go wrong? We installed a tricky lightning protection system to help keep our soldiers safe. 

  • MCAS Yuma Working Dog

    This was another large project that called for careful coordination and planning from the underground and moving forward. We worked closely with the design team, inspectors, and suppliers to complete an installation we are proud of. 

  • Camp Pendleton BEQs

    One of our earlier installations, this project was a renovation of an existing BEQ on base. Renovations present a different set of challenges because the existing grounding system is rarely adequate. But we handled it - that's what we do. 

  • Point Magu Triton Facilities

    This was another flight line project with a complicated lightning protection installation.