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Carlsbad Fire Station


City of Carlsbad


Barnhart-Reese Construction, Inc.


18,500 Square Feet




Carlsbad, CA


Design Assist


Fire Stations


October 2022

The City of Carlsbad embarked on an ambitious endeavor to modernize its firefighting infrastructure. The original fire station at 1906 Arenal Road was demolished to make way for a state-of-the-art facility, while operations had temporarily shifted to a provisional station near the Dove Library. The new station spanned approximately 10,782 square feet, set on a 0.42-acre plot, transitioning from a single-story edifice to a contemporary two-story structure. Integral components included dormitories, an equipped kitchen, common areas, and a vast garage designed for emergency vehicles. Further enhancements encompassed a series of site improvements, from foundational structures and emergency vehicle access pathways to the incorporation of eco-friendly solutions like rooftop solar panels.

Electrical components played a pivotal role in ensuring the fire station’s operational efficiency. One of the core installations was a main switchgear, designed to manage the station’s electrical demands seamlessly. Equally integral was the introduction of a robust 200KW generator, paired with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to guarantee uninterrupted power. A concerted effort was made to illuminate both the interior and exterior of the station, optimizing visibility and aesthetics. An environmentally conscious approach led to the installation of a rooftop solar system, not only catering to the station’s power needs but also solidifying the city’s commitment to sustainable energy. This comprehensive electrical network was intricately intertwined with existing utility connections, ensuring a harmonized and efficient energy matrix for the entire facility.

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